THATCamp Games workshop

So, I’m running a ‘course hacks’ workshop for THATCamp Games at Case Western Reserve University on April 19th.
Here’s the description.
think. design. play. — creating meaning through essential principles of game design
Jarah Moesch, University of Maryland
Do you want to create a game but aren’t sure what type, or maybe even how? Or, perhaps you have a research question you want to explore through gaming, but don’t know where to begin? This workshop will go beyond specific types of gaming to look at the essential principles of game design, such as rules, procedures, and actions to investigate how your own research topics might work in and through various types of game play. We will first brainstorm and play with our topics, considering the key principles of experience, pleasure and meaning. Then, we will use low-fidelity paper prototyping and iteration to more fully explore your research as gameplay, resulting in initial design prototypes to take with you. Additionally, during this workshop you will, with guidance, begin to create your own theoretical practice for creating meaningful games, which can be used in the classroom as well as for your own work. No technical experience necessary, but participants are welcome to bring their curiosity and a willingness to play.