Study Abroad in Kenya with me!

Challenging Globalism: Mobile Technologies for Social Responsibility THE PROGRAM This course will challenge current understandings […]

Presenting Approach!

Approach: Every Voice, Every Path an open-source art app for site-specific community storytelling This is […]

Designing Queer Families

I will be presenting Designing Queer Families: Normative values in sperm bank website design at the […]

Chronically Queer

I will be presenting  Chronically Queer:  An autoethnographic approach to the oddities of rare disease […]


wearable technology investigating illness and fitness
 2013 For many people with neuromuscular weakness due to […]

THATCamp Games workshop

So, I’m running a ‘course hacks’ workshop for THATCamp Games at Case Western Reserve University […]

THATCamps! (plural)

I will be attending THATCamp Feminisms East in March, at Barnard College. I’m super excited […]