Jarah Moesch (MFA, PhD)


Jarah is an artist-scholar who uses the queer sick body to challenge the limits of the phenomenological, extending life and consciousness beyond the edges of the skin.

Jarah’s current research interests include queer justice design practices, embedded ethics, community-based care, and knowledge design, production, and acquisition for those with chronic illness.

Jarah’s research incorporates phenomenology, queer, antiracist, and feminist theories with physical computing (IoT), coding web apps, and other multimodal processes as experimental research towards the development of new design models for justice.

Jarah is developing a queer justice design practice that take design as a form of awareness, a way of sensitizing ourselves to another way of being, of living in the world. Specifically, Jarah is concerned with the ways particular values are embedded within the design of health care, including medical technologies and knowledge-making.

Jarah’s artwork ranges from traditional forms of art to contemporary new media practices such screen-based work, video installation and tactical social interventions. This multi-modal work unpacks normativities relating to the apparatus of knowledge around bodies, race, abilities, genders, and sexualities in order to explode ‘accepted’ social customs through the performance of everyday life.  Jarah’s artwork has been shown internationally.

Jarah holds an MFA in Integrated Media Art from Hunter College, and a PhD in American Studies from the University of Maryland, College Park.

/previous professions

Prior to academia, Jarah worked in digital media strategy, development, and design; building strategic plans for social media communications, designing training programs for staff to learn digital workflows, creating best practices for internal and external digital communications, and developing numerous websites from conception through launch; responsible for information architecture, user case scenarios, wireframes, user interface designs, visual design, and content production.

Jarah also has worked in broadcast television, film, audio, and video production/post-production. Events included Centennial Olympic Games, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS, concerts, teleconferences, other live televised events.

Jarah additionally has a background in animal care and in situ field research, including work as a veterinary technician and zookeeper, as well as camping in remote regions to perform primate, whale, and turtle research; tracking and documenting encounters alongside audio and video recording for research and educational films.