A few publications Queer Bioethics for Everyday Medical Technologiesin Teaching Health Humanities,ed. Olivia Banner, Nathan […]


the Housemate Collection

Dreamscapes explore concepts of sharing and creating queer homes through speculative imagining in the capitalist […]

disasters + the anthropocene

pollution outside Detroit

My work on the Anthropocene, the ‘apocalyptic’ event, human space exploration, and the medical industrial […]

health justice


Year 2016-present Multimodal tools and systems form the foundations of our knowledge: the design of […]

queer justice design

embodied constellations

2016-Present When designing new objects or experiences, designers make many difficult choices; yet the design […]


Using a methodology I call AutoEthnoGraphics I put the researcher’s embodiment at the center of […]

critical code


Critical Code Studies is a small but growing field of study, founded by Mark Marino […]