representative exhibitions

The J-4000
(bio-art / video installation)

  • in Macricrocosm, 2014
    part of the Artscape Gallery Network
    Area 405 Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Thrift Store Barbie
(photo prints, video)

  • Trash, Toxicity, Transmission, 2013
    part of the Cultural Studies Association Conference
    Lassonde House, University of Utah

Anatomical Barbie
(soft materials / textiles installation)

  • The Colcha Project Exhibition, 2012
    The Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University

Massively Multiplayer Soba
(urban street game)

  • with Tiltfactor Lab, 2008
    Conflux Festival,New York, NY

This Was the Only Place I Knew To Go
(invisible performance)

  • ThirstNY, 2008
    Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, NY

Ritual Effects
(video art & performance)

  • MFA Exhibition, 2007
    Chelsea Gallery Space, New York, NY

Niddah [ritual purity]
(video art & performance)

  • Electronic Social Club, 2007
    New York, NY


  • Wonder Women, A Group Art Project, 2006
    Gaia Studio, Jersey City, NJ

Urban Algorithms
(urban street game)

  • Midtown and Washington Square Park, New York, NY, 2006

(street performance)

  • Hellʼs Kitchen, New York, NY, 2006

(screen-based game)

  • MAF05 Festival, Parts I & II, 2006+ 2005
    Bangkok, Thailand
  • File Festival, 2005
    Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Media Ballistics, 2005
    New York, NY
  • Third Place Gallery, 2005

the covert lives of boxes, bags and handbags

  • Media Ballistics, 2005
    New York, NY
  • Luksuz Festival, 2005
    Krško, Slovenia
  • Overlook Park Shorts, 2004
    Cleveland, OH

Whales and Serpents
(16 channel sound installation & concert)

  • Terra Acoustica, 2004
    NY Chapter of the American Society of Acoustic Ecology

Speculating the Nanotech Home of the Future
(conceptual projection)

  • Horizon Zero Issue 14: dream, 2004
    Banff New Media Institute