Physical Computing

testing circuits

Workshop Series, Fall 2013 This new series is geared towards teaching the novice how to […]

HTML like it’s 1993

HTML like it's 1993

Students learn basic computer programming language concepts through building an HTML website from scratch. The […]

The Turing Test

What makes us human? This workshop draws inspiration from Alan Turing’s 1950 essay on machine […]

Intro to the Arduino

Arduino is an open-source physical computing platform and a development environment for writing software to […]

Visual Exquisite Corpse

The “Exquisite Corpse” is a technique for (usually written)collaborative story creation. In this workshop, students […]

Battle of the Bands

Students form groups, or bands, to create music using a combination of instrumental and non-instrument […]

Poetry Slam

Using sites like Twitter, Tumblr, or Youtube, groups of students find a “word cloud” or […]

Performing the Algorithm

Wherein we rethink how to teach ‘code’ / programming concepts: The next few blog posts […]

Co-opt the code

This workshop provided an introduction to reading and manipulating code. Students play with open source […]

Burn Notice

Inspired by the show Burn Notice — students will discuss and explore surveillance tools, engaging […]

Soldering the Disciplines

with Krista Caballero, Spring 2015 “Boundary objects are objects which are both plastic enough to […]

basic electronics workshop

Basic Electronics:Learn the basics of creating circuits using playdoh, wires, and LEDs!  We will use […]



DCC Workshops (2010-2014) were meant as fun, sometimes wacky, introductions to a topic, technology, or […]