The Housemate Collection (2019)

Year:         2018 – PresentCategory: Experimental Media & Speculative Futures Medium:  Photography, Mixed Media We imagined […]


low cost remote deployable pollution sensor kits LUNGS is an activist research project investigating pollution […]

Imagining Access

How do you imagine the future of accessible suburban transportation?
Many greenway trails were designed for recreational purposes, not for daily commuting. When transportation is encouraged, it is usually in relation to public health and climate change, not disability or economic accessibility.

Designing the Sick Body

Designing the Sick Body: Structuring Illness in the Techno-material Age (2016) Dissertation Abstract: How might […]

webs of knowledge

2016 On May 2, 2001, user Erdem Tuzen, a physician from Istanbul, Turkey, created the […]

reading list: refracting DH

Reading List for Refracting Digital Humanities Critical Race, Gender and Queer Theories as (Digital Humanities) […]

schedule: refracting DH

Day 1:        SEE 1.1        introductions; discussion 1.2        discussion:    images as objects 1.3        iteration 1:     exploration […]


wearable technology investigating illness and fitness
 2013 For many people with neuromuscular weakness due to […]

Homeland Security Twitterbot

2012 This was a temporary tactical performance bot that questioned Homeland Security’s creation and use […]

the ego page

Critical Code Studies is a small but growing field of study, founded by Mark Marino […]