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Refracting Digital Humanities
Critical Race, Gender and Queer Theories
as (Digital Humanities) Methods

students in this course will have access to book chapters via dropbox

Digital Humanities Background Reading

Open Thread:
The Digital Humanities as “Refuge”  from Race/Class/Gender/Sexuality/Disability?

founding principles


Smith, Martha Nell
The Human Touch Software of the Highest Order: Revisiting Editing as Interpretation
Textual Cultures, Vol. 2, No. 1 (Spring, 2007), pp. 1-15


Day 1:        SEE

Bailey, Moya Z
All the digital humanists are white, all the nerds are men, but some of us are brave

Gershenson, Olga  and Barbara Penner. Ladies and Gents: Public Toilets and Gender
•    Forward
•    Introduction: The Private Life of Public Conveniences
•    Chapter 13: “our little secrets: A Pakistani Artist Explores the Shame and Pride of her Community’s Bathroom Practices

hooks, bell
The Oppositional Gaze in Black Looks: Race and Representation.
•    p 115-31

Lutz, Catherine A.  and Jane L. Collins
The Photograph as Intersection of Gazes in Reading National Geographic

McFadden, Syreeta
Teaching The Camera To See My Skin Navigating photography’s inherited bias against dark skin

McPherson, Tara
Why are the Digital Humanities so white?

Muñoz , Jose Esteban
Disidentifications Queers of Color and the Performance of Politics
•    Introduction p 3-11

Day 2:        HEAR

Bradley, Regina
Death Wish Mixtape. Sounding Trayvon Martin’s Death

Bradley, Regina
Fear of a Black in the Suburb

Casillas, D. Ines.
Speaking “Mexican” and the Use of “Mock Spanish” in Children’s Books. Or, Do not read Skippy Jon Jones.

Laorale. Óyeme Voz:
U.S. Latin@ & Immigrant Communities Re-Sound Citizenship and Belonging

Day 3:        KNOW

Enteen, Jillana
virtual_english queer internets and digital creolization
•    Introduction Life Skills:  p 1-20
•    Booting Up The Languages of Computer Technologies p 21-45

Introna & Nissenbaum
Shaping the Web: Why the Politics of Search Engines Matter

Koh, Adeline.
Less yack more hack: Modularity Theory & Habitus in the Digital Humanities

Kolko, B.E
Erasing @race: Going White in the (Inter)Face
in Race in Cyberspace: p 213-232

Nakamura, Lisa and Peter Chow-White
Race After the Internet
•    Introduction
HASTAC Book Review of Race After the Internet:

Posner, Miriam
Some things to think about before you exhort everyone to code:

Day 4:        MOVE

Chun, Wendy
Control and Freedom
•    Introduction

Farman, Jason
Mapping the Digital Empire: Google Earth and the Process of Postmodern Cartography
New Media Society 2010 12: 869

Kwan, Mei-Po
Affecting Geospatial Technologies: Toward a Feminist Politics of Emotion
The Professional Geographer 59.1 (2007): 22-34

Radical Cartography


Other Related Readings (recommended):

Mulvey, Laura
Visual Pleasure, Narrative Cinema

Monmonier, Mark
How to Lie with Maps
•    Introduction
•    Chapter 3 Map Generalizations

Light And Dark: The Racial Biases That Remain In Photography (audio)

Paglen, Trevor
Blank Spots on the Map
•    Chapter 1
•    Chapter 4

Smith, David
Racism of early colour photography explored in art exhibition