trees answer the wrong problem/question

The Washington Post has an article titled:

Environmentalists face challenges trying to plant in less-green neighborhoods

This is just a quick post to discuss the key problem with this article:
Planting trees answers the wrong problem. What are these so-called environmentalists doing about the very valid concerns that the people have who live in the neighborhoods being accosted by outsiders with trees? The article has the answer in these 2 sentences:
1.the environmentalists think things like:  “Many of them are unaware of the benefits of trees — like mitigating air pollution, reducing mental stress, saving energy by shading homes and slowing storm water.”
2. whereas community residents know that: “The pollen would aggravate her allergies. She would have trouble raking the leaves. Drug dealers would use it for shade. And the trees, she feared, would soon be followed by affluent gentrifiers and higher taxes, pushing out older residents such as herself.”
These are very valid concerns, and until they can be answered, the trees should not be planted.