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30 days

exhibition list for galleries, installations, performances, and screenings

the J-4000

the J-4000

The J-4000 uses the queer sick body to extend life and consciousness beyond the edges of the skin.

anatomical barbie

Anatomical Barbie

accessorize Barbie with internal organs and non-distorted body parts

ritual effects

announcement fot Ritual Effects

a re-performance of a Jewish museum investigating intrinsic systems of gender and religion

urban algorithms

urban algorithms

a street level immersive game which includes random strangers as part of gameplay.



a life size sculpture of a woman as a representation of coded systems of information



an online game where users explore and reflect upon the gross indulgence in excess and gentrification.

Whale + Serpents

terra acoustica

a 16 channel sound installation weaving legendary narratives with biology.


a 2 day experimental performance where I roamed the streets