the J-4000






The J-4000 questions what consciousness is, and at what point ‘me’ or ‘we’ become ‘us’ – where does our consciousness end and our fleshy bodies begin? What happens when other people’s immunoglobulin (a human blood product) is infused into our own? Beyond potential pathogens, beyond the anti-bodies that give me bodily strength where there was only muscle weakness before, what other strengths and weaknesses come along on the infused immunoglobulin? How do these integrate within one’s own consciousness? Do we become a composite of thousands of people who donated their plasma? Do they integrate with us seamlessly, or remain separate entities within? What happens when we begin to realize, crave, act differently than before? Are these actions someone else, or the new us?

The J-4000 is showing at Area 405, a gallery in Baltimore, MD, from July 3-Aug 24, 2014. The artist reception is Thursday July 17, from 7-10pm

Area 405
405 East Oliver Street
Baltimore, MD 21202