feminist social media activisms

This semester, I am partnering with Katie King to teach the Women’s Studies Senior Seminar on ‘feminist social media activisms’
From the course blog:

This women’s studies senior seminar is going to be your chance to share scholarship and practice with two feminist thinkers about media possibilities today and how feminists might move and shape them.

My role is to teach ways of ‘playing’ with media and workshopping skills and ideas through iterative processes.
During our first class, students ‘performed’ as search engines in order to begin thinking about the underlying systems that form our digital realities, both enabling and disallowing certain types of data to be in/visible.
Questions we considered through this process included:
How does the way we use a search engine to ‘ask’ for information give us particular answers?  What about the underlying system makes it so?  When these questions are broadened out to include the social media communities you are involved in, what information is more visible? Less?  How are certain bits of data prioritized over others? Are there differences in how the information is relayed?
The students had thoughtful and fun analyses, and I am excited about what we can accomplish this semester.
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