Guest on the Data Dialogues Podcast

image description: 2 people in black & white photos standing separately, with a blue background. Person 1 is Daphne Frias, who has an empty green talk bubble graphic above her head, has her hair up, and is wearing sunglasses, and a blazer with a ribbed shirt underneath. Daphne is smiling. Person 2 ,Jarah Moesch, has an empty blue talk bubble over their head, has short hair and big glasses, and is wearing a printed shirt. Jarah is staring up at the camera with an inquisitive look.

I am excited to be a guest on the Data Dialogues Podcast over at Open Environmental Data! The series brings together folks in the environmental movement to discuss their learnings and reflections working with environmental data.

“A full Data Dialogue consists of three episodes: two guests each have their own 15 – 20 minute 1:1 “highlight segments” with Angela Eaton, OEDP’s Director of Data Inclusion, followed by a shared  30 – 40 minute group conversation between Angela and both guests” (per their website).

Episodes 4, 5, 6 are with me & Daphne Frias:

4: Climate Change is a Disabling Event (Daphne)
5: Interdependence for Environmental Justice Design (Jarah)
6: Averaged-out Data = Averaged-Out People (Daphne & Jarah together)

Our episodes air February 15, and the series has new episodes every Tuesday from Feb 8 to March 15!
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