Practicing Openness: an interview

Christopher P Long interviewed us for Digital Dialogue #62: Practicing Openness at DH2013 regarding the paper we presented: Digital Humanities: Egalitarian or the New Elite? at the Digital Humanities conference in Lincoln, Nebraska on July 17, 2013. Below is part of his description for our talk.

Lee Skallerup Bessette and Jarah Moesch join the Digital Dialogue for episode 62 at the 2013 Digital Humanities Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Lee, who tweets as @readywriting and writes the College Ready Writing blog for Inside Higher Education, and Jarah, @jarahmoesch, talked about the paper they delivered at #DH2013 entitled Digital Humanities: Egalitarian or the New Elite?
Their paper invited us to reflect upon the practices of openness in the Digital Humanities, and challenged us to consider how we are living up to the ideals of inclusivity and access toward which the Digital Humanities have long aspired.