a more 'evergreen' update

With the realization that I don’t write here very much (not that I ever really have  in all the years this site has been active), I’ve decided to make a more ‘evergreen’ post that can remain at the top of the page for a slightly longer time period.  So here is some recent and upcoming info:
1. I’ve finished my coursework and successfully passed my first comprehensive exam. (yay!)
2. I’ve co-authored a book chapter with the amazing Katie King, which should be forthcoming sometime soon.
3. I am a HASTAC scholar for a second year. hopefully I will be writing there and collaborating with other scholars more frequently this coming semester.
4. I developed and am teaching my dream course- titled Digital Queers- in LGBT Studies this semester, and am really looking forward to it.
5. I am taking my second comprehensive exam this semester, which I am also selfishly excited about, as I get to spend the entire semester focusing on my own research.
6. I am working on a group art project – using textiles, which is a new material for me.  It’s been fun so far, and i’ve learned a lot. I will announce the project and the gallery opening when it gets closer.
7. I’m still working with Digital Cultures and Creativity. This semester I will be focusing on creating small, hands-on working groups around central themes, as well as working with both ongoing and new mentorship programs between DCC students and local high-school and middle school students.