Digital Queers

Digital Queers:
Public Space, Art + Performance in the Digital Age
LGBT Studies
University of Maryland, College Park
Spring 2012    

Digital Queers is first and foremost about the creative exploration and practice of queer theory in everyday digital life. You will be introduced to a broad but considered range of topics, including queer theory, public space, digital media, art, and (net) activism. We will be exploring what it means to have a digital body, to be digitally queer, through multiple methodologies and approaches, from reading and discussion, to making art and performance pieces, such as games, live mapping, time-based art (video, sound, installation) and performance.Most importantly, you will be experimenting with, and creating your own theoretical practice that incorporates key themes in queer theory, the production of space, and performance/performativity with your own activist digital art. Therefore, the key requirement for this course is curiosity and a willingness to explore new ideas in order to fully engage in this course. A commitment to critical thinking, and active engagement with the material to re-think assumptions and theories is also necessary.Note: no prior ‘technical’ knowledge is needed in this course. Basic skills will be obtained through in-class workshops and out-of-class projects.