The Gwydion Project

“Help me find my father.” Posters printed with those words have been appearing in the Los Angeles area along with a faded photo of a mysterious bearded man and a link to a website. The same image has appeared on various social media outlets. The link leads to a blog maintained by Cassandra, a teenage girl whose seemingly normal life is haunted by her father’s absence. Of course, she is not the first to seek an estranged parent through the connectivity of the Internet. However, when she receives her father’s will she realizes that he might still be alive—and the stakes to find him are even higher.

Meanwhile, at the Museum, a new intern by the name of Simon has been developing an original outreach program in the form of a game. When it is released, however, participants find that the tasks involve more than just observing various paintings. After completing these tasks they are led to Simon’s office, where he promotes his website and upcoming book. For some reason they don’t want to trust him, and if they follow the link to his website, they will start to figure out why. As players progress deeper into the story, they uncover the web of mystery linking Cassandra, Simon, and the museum. Come join us as we continue to build and then deploy this game for a local Museum.