Approach wins FIA-Deutsch Seed Grant Competition

I am happy to announce that Team Approach won an FIA-Deutsch Seed Grant today.
About Approach:
The places where we live, work, and play mean something different to each of us. But often a single official story of a place overwhelms those more personal stories. We want to help people share their stories of what community spaces mean to them, so that we can learn from each other and maybe walk a mile in each other’s shoes. Will will reach that goal with Approach, a site-specific mobile art app that turns community spaces into art installations.
About the Seed Grant Competition:

It is expected that these projects will result in innovative solutions to challenges that face us in a rapidly evolving information landscape. These outcomes can be novel concepts or prototypes or research findings that could lead to practical applications and adoption and would have the potential to change lives. The Alliance seeks to facilitate a future in which information in all its forms can be an effective resource for everyone. (from FIA UMD website)