Dreamscapes explore concepts of sharing and creating queer homes through speculative imagining in the capitalist dystopias of the near future.

related projects

constructing home

“which one will fulfill their fantasy?” How does the built environment of the neighborhood and private home intersect with queer times and lives?

the housemate collection

We imagined our futures differently: a single home where we could live together, healthy, safe, and with enough money to be comfortable. These imagined dreamscapes live on in our minds as we struggle living apart due to employment in different parts of the country. Furniture, cooking utensils, televisions, books: who gets to have what, temporarily? What clothes do you leave in each place? How many toothbrushes does one need? Or, choose to rent a room in someone else’s house. It’s only temporary, right? This project imagines a dystopic furniture and housewares catalog when your housemate is not what you expected.