A few publications

Queer Bioethics for Everyday Medical Technologies
in Teaching Health Humanities,
ed. Olivia Banner, Nathan Carlin, and Thomas Cole.
Oxford University Press. (January 2019).

Figuring disasters, an experiment on thinking disruptions as methods
Resilience: International Policies, Practices and Discourses. (February 2019).
Co-authors: Manuel Tironi, Gonzalo Bacigalupe, Scott Gabriel Knowles, Simon Dickinson, Magdalena Gil, Sarah Kelly, Jason Ludwig, Jarah Moesch, Francisco Molina, Karla Palma, Ayesha Siddiqi & Johannes Waldmueller

Designing the Sick Body: Structuring Illness in the Techno-Material Age
Dissertation, American Studies, University of Maryland, 2016

Feminist Worlding: Media Ecologies Learning
Katie King, Jarah Moesch
in Feminist cyberspaces: Pedagogies in transition, 14-32
Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012

protocols & commitments

Protocols for Crip Podcasting (Last updated: July 25, 2020):
(Content for these protocols developed by: Aimi Hamraie, Jarah Moesch, Kevin Gotkin, Kelsie Acton, and Josh Halstead)

Commitments to Abolishing White Supremacy (2020):
(content developed with the Critical Design Lab)

Statement of Antiracist Commitment & Solidarity (2020):
(content developed with the Science & Technology Studies Dept at RPI)

Protocols for Making in the Classroom (2012)

public humanities knowledge work

#transform (the underlying systems of digital) health “Field Guide Survey: Can Digital Humanities change the way we study health and practice medicine?” Media Commons, January 20, 2018. Online.

Questioning the Question “Field Guide Survey: What is the role of the digital humanities in transforming & responding to the arts?” Media Commons, March 27, 2017. Online.

Hastac Scholar Multiple blog posts thinking through digital humanities in the undergraduate classroom. Critical Code Studies Scholars Forum 2010-2013