handwritten text saying #CripRitual

an exhibition of artworks curated by The Critical Design Lab (Jarah Moesch, Aimi Hamraie, Cassandra Hartblay) in collaboration with Tangled Art+Disability and the Doris McCarthy Gallery

Exhibition Dates:

January 21 – April 1, 2022

The show opens across two art galleries in the city of Toronto: Tangled Art + Disability, Toronto and the Doris McCarthy Gallery, University of Toronto Scarborough. You can also find #CripRitual online at CripRitual.com.

Tangled Art Gallery
S-124, 401 Richmond St. W, Toronto
exhibition info:

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The Doris McCarthy Gallery
1265 Military Trail, Scarborough


Tangled Art Gallery:

Disabled, crip, d/Deaf, Mad, and Sick people face a lot of barriers and stigma. One way that we deal with these barriers is through rituals. Rituals can be things that we do to create accessibility, mark important moments, or to be in community with others who have similar experiences. We chose some art to be part of a show called #CripRitual. The art is by disabled artists. The artwork is about rituals, things we do all the time, or with special purpose, to make life more accessible for ourselves and other people we care for.

Doris McCarthy Gallery:

Rituals are transformative: they change us and the world around us, whether through incantation or ceremony, private practice or public protest. Academic theories hold that rituals are embedded in cultural worlds, and that all cultures have rituals of world-building. With the phase “crip ritual,” these theories are placed in conversation with disability culture, as understood by disability justice movements and disability studies. This exhibition will gather together artworks that use ritual to foreground understandings of disabled, crip, d/Deaf, Mad, and Sick people’s experiences, highlighting strategies for building crip power: the ceremonies, habits, celebrations, design practices, social scripts, and community agreements, grounded in disabled knowledge and experience, that undergird disability culture.

Presented concurrently at the Doris McCarthy Gallery and Tangled Art + Disability, this exhibition seeks to make apparent the shared cultural meanings circulating in crip communities, recognizing crip rituals as processes and events geared toward building power — strategies for surviving ableism that may be secular, spiritual, or in-between.

About Critical Design Lab

The Critical Design Lab is a collective of disabled, crip, and neuroqueer maker-theorists and allies. Our lab creates public-facing projects rooted in a critical design practice informed by disability culture and science and technology studies. Other Critical Design Lab projects include Remote Access, and the Contra* Podcast. The lead curators for this exhibition are Jarah Moesch, Aimi Hamraie, and Cassandra Hartblay, in collaboration with our colleagues at Tangled Art+Disability and the Doris McCarthy Gallery.

More info: 

Doris McCarthy Gallery: https://dorismccarthygallery.utoronto.ca/exhibitions/cripritual

Tangled Art Gallery:  https://tangledarts.org/exhibits/cripritual

#CripRitual site: https://CripRitual.com

Critical Design Lab:   https://www.mapping-access.com/lab