exhibition list


(bio-art / video installation)
Area 405 Gallery
Baltimore, MD, 2014

Thrift Store Barbie

(photo prints, video)
Trash, Toxicity, Transmission
Cultural Studies Association Conference
University of Utah, 2013

Anatomical Barbie

(soft materials / textiles installation)
The Colcha Project Exhibition
The Walsh Gallery
Seton Hall University, 2012

Massively Multiplayer Soba

(urban street game)
Conflux Festival
as part of Tiltfactor Lab
New York, NY, 2008

There Was Only One Place To Go

(invisible performance)
Galapagos Art Space
Brooklyn, NY, 2008

Ritual Effects

(video art & performance)
MFA Exhibition
Chelsea Gallery Space
New York, NY, 2007

Niddah [ritual purity]

(video art & performance)
Electronic Social Club
New York, NY, 2007


Wonder Women: A Group Art Project
Gaia Studio
Jersey City, NJ, 2006

Urban Algorithms

(urban street game)
Midtown and Washington Square Park
New York, NY, 2006


(street performance)
Hellʼs Kitchen
New York, NY, 2006


(screen-based game)
MAF05 Festival, Parts I & II
Bangkok, Thailand, 2005+ 2006
File Festival
Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2005
Media Ballistics
New York, NY, 2005
Third Place Gallery
Online, 2005

the covert lives of boxes, bags and handbags

Media Ballistics
New York, NY, 2005
Luksuz Festival
Krško, Slovenia, 2005
Overlook Park Shorts
Cleveland, OH, 2004

Whales and Serpents

(16 channel sound installation & performance)
Terra Acoustica
American Society of Acoustic Ecology
New York, NY, 2004

Speculating the Nanotech Home of the Future

(conceptual projection)
Horizon Zero Issue 14: dream,
Banff New Media Institute, 2004