Synecdoche & Asyndeton

a pair of paintings based on readings from de Certeau, which map the mental geography of violence by looking at external places and events from the internal states of fear.
These two paintings are a mapping of  synecdoche and asyndeton:
In the first painting, it is one detail, a phrase that is mapping the whole space,  The words take dominance/dominate the physical space, it ‘amplifies the detail’ and takes on more, it becomes the whole, the only part of the space that matters.  It matters because of what is in the second painting; it ‘cuts out and undoes the continuity,’ retaining only the important memories of other physical spaces dominated by words.  The words are submerged, not angry.  They are tattooed on my body, part of me, though they are suppressed, ‘selecting and fragmenting’ multiple physical spaces by retaining only the words that were spoken,
In the first painting, the amplification of the detail, the phrase becomes so important that the person becomes bent/tucks into embryonic/natal position from the force of the words.  The mapping is of the importance of the one detail that makes the whole.
Together they form a mapping of the internal- mapping an event on a sidewalk, from a phrase- the words past and present were the most important, but hearing them spoken aloud again would not have done the same thing as painting them did- painting, a visualization of the words hurts my ears more than hearing them/speaking them could do to me today.
Tattooed and submerged violence towards me, spoken at various times on sidewalks all over the world, tattooed on my body- permanently carried in memory.  These physical spaces/places are now symbols for and of violence-  no longer mapped as a sidewalk in Jerusalem, Atlanta, San Francisco, Prague, but rather the asyndeton- the undoing of continuity, the disconnection of the place/space from its physical surroundings.  I’m submerged in water, covered with tattoos, a clear disembodied penis over me, yet I’m murky, unclear, also de-sexed and disembodied-  the power of those memories cause me to fold over upon arrival in NY- where the accepting space of the Village is transformed into EVERY OTHER VIOLENT SIDEWALK IN ANY OTHER PLACE.

from Michel de Certeau, The Practice of Everyday Life, p 101:

“Synecdoche -consists in using a word in a sense which is part of anither meaning of the same word,  It names a part instead of the whole which includes it”
-expands a spatial element in order to make it play the role of ‘more’ and take its place. -replaces totalities by fragments -makes more dense, it amplifies the detail and miniaturizes the whole
Asyndeton -is the suppression of linking words such as conjunction and adverbs either within a sentence or between sentences,  In walking it selects and fragments the space transversed. -creates a ‘less’- opens gaps in the spatial continuum and retains any selected parts of it that amount almost to relics -disconnects them by eliminating the conjunctive or the consecutive -cuts out- it undoes continuity and undercuts its plausibility -A space treated in this way and shaped by practices is transformed into enlarged singularities and separate islands.”